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FIA Appendix K rules 2022         CSCC 2022 official calendar

2021 Race & other dates and results
# Date Venue / Event

Club & Series

Car Result o/a  Class  result Weather/comment Results
  18 19 20 Feb Stoneleigh Park Race Retro Show n/a     Cancelled again  
  Weds 23 Mar Snetterton 300 CSCC test day Lotus Elan     Hot and sunny Elan ran very well
1 2 3 April Snetterton 300 CSCC Swingers Tuscan dnf dnf Cool and dry; Ignition failure at start of Dave's stint SS Result
SS Book
- 23 24 April Thruxton CSCC   Not racing
2 14 15 May Anglesey Coastal CSCC Swingers Tuscan x 2 3rd
Dry and warm both days (somehow!) SS pdf book
Saturday Result
Sunday Result
3 3 4 June Brands Hatch Indy CSCC Swingers
CSCC Classic K
Warm and dry, Tuscan ignition failure again (different from Snetterton) SS Qualifying
CK Results
CK pdf book
4 24 25 26 June Spa Francorchamps Summer Classic Roadbook / CSCC Spa 3 Hours Lotus Elan 16th 1st Wet end to practice then dry and warm race Results books
5 16 17 July Castle Combe CSCC Classic K
CSCC Swingers
Very hot and dry; nice breeze! CK pdf book
SS pdf book
Race stream
X 29 August Oulton Park CSCC Classic K Grantura     JW not racing  
6 10 11 September Donington CSCC Swingers
CSCC Classic K
Damp SS practice, otherwise warm and dry SS Results
SS pdf book
CK pdf book
  8 9 October Silverstone National CSCC Swingers
CSCC Classic K
  29 October Cadwell Park CSCC Swingers Tuscan        

    CSCC Swinging Sixties class structure for 2022

Group One
Class A - Up to 1000cc
Class B - 1001cc to 1400cc
 Class C - 1001cc to 1400cc Minis + Derivatives
 Class D - 1401cc to 1600cc
 Class E - 1601cc to 2000cc (4 cylinder)
Class F - Group One cars running on Dunlop Historic Tyres

Group Two
Class G - 2001cc to 3000cc (and 6 cylinder <2 litre)
Class H - Cars over 3000cc
Class L - Lotus cars (Seven, Elite, Elan etc.), Ginetta, Wooden-chassis Marcos
Class V - Cars with original V8 engines
Class I - Group Two cars running on Dunlop Historic Tyres

3rd April 2022 - Snetterton 300 - CSCC Swinging Sixties  TVR Tuscan

Cars are basically brilliant and shite all at the same time; especially racing cars. Having just experienced yet another TVR Tuscan DNF all it does is makes me even more determined to try harder and go at it again. The outright pace is there, the engine stayed together, the package is working but we were let down by a 5p roll pin that sheared through at around 31 minutes and that killed the ignition. Instant retirement.

With 18 months since our last race in this car after its two major engine failures in 2021, hopes were high. Good power and torque characteristics (actually the best ever) and a few suspension improvements meant the car was looking like a quick one, on paper at least. Unusually, I did the first part of practice as Dave wasn’t keen, given that the engine has crapped out the last 2 times he has gone out first. Just bad timing.

2022 Snetterton - Dave and Jon ready for practice

Lots of V8s for Swinging Sixties Group 2 and everything to play for. Practice, however, was not great - a part-throttle misfire developed which is usually indicative of a fuelling/carburettor problem and we could only manage 11th on the grid right alongside Dean Halsey in his very lovely Datsun 240Z. With a massive 4 hour gap between practice/qually and the race we had time to fix the carburettor, learn a new language as well as qualify as solicitors, probably. The carburettor miscreant was a tiny fragment of rubber lodged in one of the primary main jets almost certainly from a push on fuel hose fitting - which is now being changed to a proper screw fit hydraulic fitting.

The guys did a great job on the car and we have an ever more detailed checklist to work through before every track session. They also did a measured refuel, changed the rocker box gaskets and retightened the bloody annoying exhaust manifold bolts.

I offered Dave the opportunity to start the race but he declined, pretty much instantly!

You can watch the start of the race and the first few laps from the front facing onboard camera here; it was a battle to recover what we had failed to gain in practice and it was hard work but I managed to get us back into 2nd overall a couple of laps before the mandatory pit stop. We had an excellent stop and driver change - it is now back to doing it as fast as you can rather than a timed 2 minutes and we were still in 2nd place as Dave regained the track. Alas all was going to rats, a misfire set in and 3 laps later Dave retired the car with sudden and terminal ignition failure on the back straight.

Later investigations showed that the tiny, 5p roll pin that holds the distributor skew gear in place had sheared through. The timing must have slipped for a few laps before the pin fully failed.

Disappointing more for Dave than me. I was so pleased with the engine and the car in general and also that I was able to make my way back to 2nd overall which is surprisingly more difficult with a rolling start. We didn’t really get close to the Reuben TVR Griffith times and they were well away into the distance but I suspect we’re in a different league as regards budget.

I can’t do Thruxton this year so it’s all to play for at Anglesey in the double header.

Coverage of the whole CSCC day is on YouTube here  the Swinging Sixties Group 2 race start is around 03:55:00


The broken drive pin (worth about 5p) that ended the Tuscan race at Snetterton


14th - 15th May 2022 - Anglesey Coastal - CSCC Swinging Sixties  TVR Tuscan

Always optimistic and having missed the Thruxton meeting due to having had a double hernia operation we couldn't wait to get up to the always-fabulous Anglesey circuit a mere 249 miles from Wolfitt HQ. Big thanks go to Stack who pretty much drove the RV the whole way there and back again which was really appreciated as I really didn't want to aggravate the well-recovering scar tissue. Anyway, to racing. Much to our disappointment, the car had broken in the Snetterton race but I had confidence that the 5p roll pin repair was going to work and that we just had to put that behind us. It's amazing how you dispense with the bad stuff and just focus on the next event. 

Reduced team Wolfitt trucking up the M1 on the long road to the 2022 CSCC Anglesey meeting

Saturday saw a 25 minute qualifying session late in the morning and then a 30 minute pit stop race in the afternoon and I made the decision to use up the older set of tyres for that morning session. There are no two ways about it, older tyres have less grip and the car wasn't the easiest to drive as it squirmed about on the track under power, cornering and braking.  We managed 8th fastest but that was fine given the car's standing start capabilities, the tyres and the limited amount of time we have had in the car in the last 20 months. It's an amazingly great circuit and doesn't really have any proper straights in the coastal configuration meaning that having buckets of power (as the Tuscan has) isn't such an as advantage as it is at Snetterton, Spa or Silverstone. The smaller group 1 cars are pretty much as fast as the group 2 cars on this layout.

A bit of paddock prep for race 1; rerouting an oil breather and some minor steering arm tightening

The races were both great fun and the car ran pretty much faultlessly with just a tiny oil leak that developed on the rocker boxes but we resolved that for race 2 by using low strength Loctite to stop the rocker box bolts slowly working loose.

Race 1 I had a great start from 8th on the grid and was up to 4th by mid way through lap 1 and up to 3rd by mid lap 2 with a keen eye on the cars chasing me very closely behind. The whole race was a balance of keeping position (the two lead cars were well away) and maintaining a small gap to the Jonathan Crayson Lotus Elan behind me. We had a good pit stop and Dave was definitely on a mission and was quick immediately. He had a minor grassy incident towards the end of the race which lead to a great dice for a podium place and due to the retirement of the Keevill Lotus Elan and a pit lane speeding penalty for the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus we finished 3rd overall and 2nd in Class V which we were truly delighted about.

Race 2 The grid was formed from the Race 1 finishing positions with super-fast Jamie Keevill starting on the back of the grid and the Talbot not taking part. It was always going to be tough but I got ahead of the two ahead of me by half way round lap 1 and we led for most of the race but with Jamie getting ahead for the 2nd part of the race we finished a very happy 2nd overall and 1st in class V. Dean Halsey improved on his Saturday performance to finish 3rd in his rebuilt Datsun 240Z in which he had a huge crash at Thruxton 3 weeks prior to this event.  Dave was as quick as me so we were super happy and looking forward to the Brands Hatch Indy meeting on the Saturday of the Queen's Jubilee weekend.


2022 Anglesey Swinging 60s Group 2 Race 2 podium - L to R Wolfe, Thompson, Keevill and Halsey

Thanks to Stack for the awesome transportation driving and for the numerous race fans that came by for a chat including elite commentators Chris Buxton (aka King-Kodiak) and Mark Werrell; notably the races and commentary were streamed by Alpha Live and are available on YouTube

Full coverage of Saturday click here   Group 2 race coverage start 2:08:15     pit lane interview 2:32:28

Full coverage of Sunday click here   Group 2 race coverage start 3:53:10    pit lane interview 4:19:54      with some weirdness from Saturday at  3:31:55

Marc Peters' summary video click here


4th June 2022 - Brands Hatch Indy - CSCC Classic K and Swinging Sixties  TVR Grantura and TVR Tuscan

Another of our mixed weekend results.  Both cars were excellent in practice and we were gridded up 2nd in the Grantura for Classic K and 3rd in the Tuscan for Swinging Sixties Group 2.

The Classic K race was definitely the best of the two with a strong race for both of us with me crossing the line in second place but having incurred a number of track limits warning, we were awarded a 15 second penalty which unfortunately dropped us to 3rd overall which was a bit of a disappointment especially as I was on 100% effort for the entire race and we were both on the pace.

The Swinging Sixties race was a disaster with ignition failure just after Druids (turn 2) on the very first lap which left me parked up on the grass on the inside of Graham Hill bend for the entire race - in a nice gesture however the whole team left the pits and rode round on the scooters to provide solace and a nice can of Coke to keep me going.  The issue was resolved very quickly once back at the workshop with a failed electronic amplifier module in the Mallory distributor - hey ho, another DNF.  On the upside I bought enough tyres for the Tuscan to last the rest of the year!

2022 Brands Hatch paddock with 2 TVRs before it half went wrong!

25th June 2022 - Spa Francorchamps - Spa 3 Hours Lotus Elan

Occasionally there is a truly brilliant weekend and this was one of those. Our detail preparation paid off and whilst we endured a number of annoying incidents we came through to win the under 1600cc class in the Elan in only its 4th race event for us. All the professional teams suffered minor and catastrophic issues with their cars and whilst we were far from the quickest Elan, the car ran faultlessly throughout and barring one minor on-track partial spin toward the end of the race, neither of us made any mistakes for the whole 185 minutes of running time. The 2 pit stops we made were excellent and well up at the fastest end of the timings; we also managed the whole race without refuelling.

Wednesday - Travel to Spa

Should have been simple - we set off on the Wednesday at lunchtime for a 15:20 Euro Tunnel crossing but arrived 3 hours late because of delays caused by a major tanker spillage between junctions 2 and 3 of the M25; the terminal however was pleasantly clear of traffic and we arrived into Calais about 20:00 local time. Stack then drove about 90% of the total distance to the Spa circuit arriving just after midnight where we were given the option to go straight in (we expected to be sent to the holding parking area for the night) and were then super-surprised to see our favourite paddock spot available.

We parked up, levelled the RV then sat inside and drank slightly too much wine and beer for a couple of hours. Next morning we discovered that everyone else who arrived Wednesday afternoon/evening had queued 4 hours to be let in and there had been much dissatisfaction and moaning!

We arrived 3 hours late at the Folkestone Eurotunnel terminal and missed our booked crossing - lucky as it turned out as it avoided Spa circuit entry angst and delay!

Thursday - setting up, signing on and scrutineering?

Because we were taking part in the Spa 3 Hour endurance race we had been allocated a space in the F1 garages up on the 'new' start/finish straight just before the La Source hairpin - this did involve about 8 trips on the scooter to move tools and spares up to the garage but we had a nice little set-up done by midday. It's incredible how much stuff that some teams take, masses of spares and huge tool boxes and it's also amazing how much work the teams need to do on the cars before they have even been out on the track - we always try to do the absolute minimum at the circuit. We had a pile of 6 spare wheels and a very modest tool kit with a few other useful items. That day we also signed on and did personal equipment scrutineering - for some reason, at Spa, it's not done when the car is checked - this is Belgium and we fear that it would be far too efficient!  No car scrutineers appeared all day and we basically spent the early afternoon going to the Okay supermarket in Stavelot and checking that the massive road works at Masta had a suitable diversionary route for the RV and trailer combination.

Dave and Jared cleaned and polished the car and I have to say it looked magnificent and certainly the shiniest it has ever been!

In the afternoon we sat up in the marvellous Pit Brasserie drinking Jupiler beer (and coffee in my case) and watching free practice in beautiful weather, it was great to catch up with historic and vintage car racer Alistair Pugh who we used to race with when we were racing Triumph Spitfires 20+ years previously.

A Spa 2022 view of free practice and the Ardennes mountains from the Pit Brasserie terrace

In the evening I cooked a proper dinner and we sat outside the RV and drank slightly too much wine and beer for a couple of hours.


Friday - practice for the 3 hour race

The session was late in the evening and quite annoyingly the scrutineers were not to be seen until late in the day; we had not even realised that there two sets of scrutineering - one for eligibility and then another set for technical safety checks. So basically, including racewear checks, three sets of scrutineers are checking stuff, it all seems so inefficient and slow. We would have missed the safety check completely but for Barbara Lambert running down from the F1 garages to find us and tell us it was happening although, very usefully, one of the guys from another team had pretty much completed it for us by the time we arrived.

Jon and Dave just before going out for the qualifying / practice session on Friday evening

All day we had expected rain to come in the evening but it was dry as the 45 minute session started with Dave going out first - he did one lap only and came back into the pits pointing wildly at the passenger side of the car. Apparently he didn't enjoy driving round with the massive wheel spinner tightening spanner in the car with him...oops. On the upside, Stack was convinced it was probably a terminal car issue that had manifested itself already!  Dave did a few more laps and came in, all good so far. I went out and did 3 increasingly fast laps when a car off the circuit at Blanchimont caused red flags and we were all queued into the pits. We were there for just 5 minutes but tiny drops of rain started on the screen as we pulled up Kemmel straight and by Stavelot the heavens had opened up and I just came back in the pit as did nearly everyone else. That left us 48th on the grid of 69 cars, way further back than I had hoped but being a 3 hour race it really didn't worry us too much; with endurance racing the single most important things are to lap consistently and actually finish.

We returned to the RV and drank slightly too much wine and beer for a couple of hours.

Saturday - race day

There was not a huge amount to do other than more chatting and drinking fizzy pop and coffee...however, we had a minor and apparently strange glitch on the car when the front brake master cylinder failed while we were bleeding the brakes; I carry spares so we fitted a new master cylinder and all was well but nevertheless worrying - although it was all good during the race and I didn't even think about it once. On investigation once back home it was pretty clear that it was caused by a mounting issue on the cylinder which was exacerbated during the bleeding process and we're now confident it won't happen again. Remember this is only the car's 6th race.

Jared and Stack as the grid for the 69 car rolling start began to form up

The race was great, I took the start at dead on 18:50 (the start is timed such that the race ends 10 minutes before the 22:00 noise curfew at the circuit) and did my very best to keep out of trouble for the first 4 or 5 laps; it's a 7km track so plenty of space for 69 cars once everyone spreads out. The last thing we needed was an accident at the start of the race that could force a pit stop or put us out of the race. Richard King (who would normally have joined us at Spa but had tested positive for covid) had helpfully (?) suggested that by simply overtaking one car per lap that would get us into the lead...

The whole stint was usefully uneventful and I managed to get us up to 20th overall and, almost unbelievably, 3rd in class; some cars were already out and, importantly for us, the super-quick Elans were already suffering from mechanical and electrical glitches. We had a super-slick pit stop which we had rehearsed many times and all went well including me cleaning the screen while Stack and Jared assisted with Dave's seat insert and the belts. Dave's stint was also usefully uneventful such that by the end of the second hour we were running 2nd in class and we were actually up to 14th at one stage due to some of the leading cars stopping for fuel.

Stint 3 (me again) was when the rain was forecast but nothing happened with the weather and it stayed warm and dry the whole time. Again largely uneventful except a minor half-spin when over-trying the brakes on a lap towards the end of the race. There were cars failing all round the circuit and with just 5 minutes to go the safety cars came out but were going so fast I could only just keep up with them! We expected the race to end under safety car conditions but they came in and we had another, final race lap and I was shown P16 and C1 by the team as that lap started so all I had to do was bring it home to take an astonishing Class win.  We were never fast but we won by lapping consistently, 100% car reliability, not making any serious mistakes, quick pit stops and having a fuel tank big enough to run the whole race without stopping for petrol which can easily add 5 minutes to a pit stop.

We were massively happy and to be on the top step of the podium at Spa is so special.

We returned to the RV and drank slightly too much wine and beer for a couple of hours.  In the words of Jeremy Clarkson "We did a thing!!!"

To see the start of the race from inside the Elan click here


Jon, Martin (aka Stack), Dave and Jared after winning the class against all the other Elans and a few others too in the 2022 Spa 3 hour endurance race


Home again on Sunday evening after a fabulous trip

Thanks so much for the entire present and absent team - it really is a massive team effort to get this result. Roger helped enormously with workshop car prep and Richard offered remote words of encouragement while being terribly disappointed not to be there.


17th July 2022 - Castle Combe - CSCC Classic K and Swinging Sixties  TVR Grantura and TVR Tuscan

A really horribly mixed weekend where we found on Saturday morning that out that our long time friend, team supporter and general paddock helper, Frank, had died on Friday evening; it was terribly upsetting for everyone and really affected the tone of the weekend and, I am sure, will affect us for a long time to come. It was touch-and-go about whether to head down to the circuit but we pressed on and all agreed he'd rather we did the races.  We did have an easy trip to the circuit followed by a beer in the variably welcoming pub in the village but nevertheless we raised a glass to our departed friend.

Classic K briefing was at 07:30 so it was a fairly early night for us and whilst it was very warm it wasn't oppressively hot because of a nice cool breeze that had arrived overnight. Classic K qually was a bit lacklustre from both of us and we were 11th on the grid behind a few too many MGBs for our liking. Somehow a number of MGBs seem to have got a lot faster over the past couple of years, not sure why or how but it's noticeable. Dave took the start and had a largely uneventful stint and I took over at about 30 minutes after the (very annoying) mandated minimum 2 minute pit stop so that fat/old drivers aren't too inconvenienced - we find that to be an absolutely ridiculous rule as it's supposed to be a race and the pit stop should be part of the race.

I also had a largely uneventful race until I spied Steve Chapman in his turquoise TR4 a long way ahead - this instantly improved my lap times by about 2 seconds and I gradually reeled him in - he noticed me and tried to get away but after 3 laps of trying I managed to sneak by and leave him behind - it was actually a really exciting part of the race for us although it wasn't really covered on the live stream because there was a decent battle for first place going on. We finished 9th overall (and very hot and sweaty) and got a class win which is always good.

Jon waiting in the meagre shade at Castle Combe for the second stint in the TVR Grantura Mk3

Later in the afternoon I had a strangely tactical Swinging Sixties race. A couple of hours before the race Dave had decided to sit this one out so I'd be doing it the full race on my own - we had a great chance of a podium and maybe even 2nd place; an outright win was highly unlikely given the massive performance advantage the Reuben car and driver combo has. I had a few people relatively close to me on times but I was very keen to make sure I made it onto the podium so I could mention Frank in the post race interview. We had a clean start and a super-slick pit stop at 11 minutes which cemented the 3rd place despite the Reuben and Keevil penalties which I may have been able to capitalise on if I'd been driving at 100%.  It did mean that once I was clear from the pack in 3rd place that's where I was happy to stay while not over-driving the car nor overstressing any of the weaker components. The track is savage with its bumps and fast corners and it is so easy to bin the car there and it's probably the only race where I was aiming for a 3rd place finish right from the start!

2022 Castle Combe Swinging Sixties Group 2 - Jon in the qually session on way to 3rd on the grid

All the Sunday races were live streamed on this link: click here     CK race start at 1:09:40    SS race start at: 4:56:03


10th September 2022 - Donington Park - CSCC Swinging Sixties and Classic K   TVR Grantura and TVR Tuscan

Much more acceptable weather rather than the sweltering heat of tropical Castle Combe, however we were treated with a huge rain shower first thing in the morning which resulted in a rapid wheel and tyre swap on both cars for improved wet weather performance. With Stack not able to make this meeting it was very busy for Jared and even I had to help out...more on that later.

Swinging Sixties qually was in very damp conditions but we were both on a mission and finished the 30 minute session as 2nd on the grid (actually I am certain we were on pole but due to weird timing issue we were second, but never mind). It's such a great circuit and the corners are such that it's mostly high speed and with so much torque from the V8, very few gear changes are required in damp conditions. The race was tough because the Reubens' TVR Griffith is so fast being about 80Kg lighter than our Tuscan and the Keevill Elan is always quick. The Reuben Griffith had a 60 second pit stop penalty and the Keevill Lotus Elan had a 30 second penalty however that wasn't enough even with us having one of the fastest pit stops of the race, and we finished 4th overall and 2nd in class. It's disappointing to miss out on a podium finish after such a strong practice session but that's the way it goes sometimes.

The Classic K qually and race were both dry and after Dave had warmed the car up I was able to get us a bit quicker and up to 11th on the grid. The race wasn't overly exciting and we finished 10th despite a ridiculous incident when the leading car (a TVR Griffith)  hit the back of the Grantura when lapping us (despite being hugely in the lead) spinning me out onto the grass.  We finished 10th overall and 2nd in class, well behind the Ward Grantura that, whilst I was gaining on it, I couldn't catch it before the chequered flag fell.

On the subject of helping I was big help on the pit lane that Jared was managing - usefully I got some pit board numbers out.



Silverstone National circuit next!







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