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News: For various reasons I am unlikely to be doing any Appendix K races in 2024

My CSCC Swinging Sixties and Triumph Competition & British HTGT calendar is as follows  - Some meetings are 2 and 3 day events but the calendar shows the day we are racing.
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 TVR Tuscan details              

CSCC 2024 Swinging Sixties official race calendar

2024 Race & other dates and results
# Date Venue / Event

Club & Series

Car Result o/a  Class  result Weather/comment Results
  23 24 25  Feb Stoneleigh Park Race Retro Show n/a     It was cancelled  
  12 March Snetterton 300 CSCC test day Mazda MX-5     Yes  
1 23rd March Donington CSCC Swingers Tuscan dnf dnf Race start video  
A 10 - 12 May Zandvoort Triumph Competition & British HTGT Tuscan 1st
Fabulously warm,  moderate breeze, lovely!
fastest lap video

Race 1 results
Race 2 results
Race 3 results
Official race reports and results click here

  1st June Silverstone National CSCC Swingers Tuscan     Not racing - will be in Normandy at D-Day 80th anniversary  
  22nd June Silverstone GP CSCC Swingers Tuscan     Entered   Event Details  
  23rd June Thruxton CSCC Swingers Tuscan     Defo     Live Stream  
  20 21 July Anglesey Coastal CSCC Swingers Tuscan     Not racing  
B 26 - 28 July Hockenheim Triumph Competition & British HTGT Unsure     Entered  
  25 26 August Brands Hatch Indy CSCC Swingers Tuscan     Not racing  
  25 - 29 September Spa Francorchamps Historic 6Hr meeting Roadbook / CSCC Tuscan     Defo  
C 4 - 6 October Dijon Triumph Competition & British HTGT Tuscan     Entered  
  28 September Snetterton 300 CSCC Swingers Tuscan     Not racing - Live Streamed but will be at Spa  
9 19 October Oulton Park CSCC Swingers Tuscan        

    CSCC Swinging Sixties class structure for 2024

Class SA - Up to 1400cc
Class SB - Up to 1400cc Minis + Derivatives
Class SC - 1401cc to 1600cc
Class SD - 1601cc to 2000cc (4 cylinder)
Class SE - Classes SA to SD cars on Dunlop/Continental Historic Tyres
Class SF - 2001cc to 3000cc (and 6 cylinder <2 litre)
Class SG - Cars over 3000cc Class SL - Lotus cars (Seven, Elite, Elan etc.), Ginetta, Wooden-chassis Marcos
Class SV - Cars with original V8 engines
Class SH - Classes SF to SV cars on Dunlop/Continental Historic Tyres
Class SZ - Any car entering a 2nd, half-priced Swinging 60s race

23rd March 2024 - Donington - CSCC Swinging Sixties

Not a total disaster but pretty poor really. A dampish qually with sprinkles of rain intermittently making the track very slippery - I managed to be in the pit lane discussing setup stuff with the guys just before the rain came so I missed the best two dry laps on the circuit so ended up 8th on the grid; not terrible given the mighty start capability of the Tuscan.

The race was great to terrible in 30 seconds!  I had an awesome getaway and was up to 2nd place by the Redgate (turn 1) but then on the drop down Craner curves I felt the car go loose at the front and steering went well off-centre. At the same time the marshal posts all started displaying Red panels meaning stop racing caused by a significant incident on the first corner which was clearly visible on my rear-view camera.  Basically my front right wheel bearing had catastrophically collapsed and welded the bearing track to the hub nut which ripped off the stub axle; only the brake caliper and disc were (just about) holding the wheel on. Hey-ho, game over but not as bad as it could have been as the car is in one piece and damage was limited to a wiped out stub axle, brake disc and a hub - we have since changed them all on both sides which does give me an emergency spare to add to the spares pack.

Really sorry to see the state of the Tippet/Norman BMW - lots of work to do to get that back on the track!

See the race start from the onboard cameras here

All the races were reported on and also live streamed click here

2024 Donington after the DNF; on the way back to the Paddock                     Photo: Mark Haggan



10th to 12th May 2024 - Zandvoort - Triumph Competition and British HTGT

I had not been to sandy Zandvoort for nearly 25 years and wow it has changed for the better - the paddock no longer has swamps or muddy puddles that were ideal for aquatic camping. I lived, during the working week, in Amsterdam for quite a while in the 1990s and it’s great to be back in The Netherlands.

The outward trip was unexpectedly and probably unnecessarily complicated. I had spent a few days getting everything ready as this was to be my first ever FIA type International event. The RV had a bucket of nastiness ready to surprise me though. Just 30 minutes out and I could smell hot brakes, there was a distinct feeling of loss of power and the vehicle was pulling to the left. I stopped in the first 20m+ long parking spot I was able to and the front left brake disc was glowing bright red and there was a disturbing warmth radiating from the entire wheel. Even after 2 litres of hot water from the tea flask it was instantly vaporising any liquids - it was all very, very hot!

It was a proper James May style “oh cock!” moment and I thought it was all over. However after a stern and firm talking to myself I got the jack out and lifted the wheel clear of the ground, it was stuck solid. There was only one thing for it - get access and hit it. The wheel was soon off (it’s bloody heavy and quite tricky on your own) and I was able to access the hot caliper (ideal 70s punk band name?) and back out the bleed nipple. No change so hit the caliper open with my finest lump hammer.  A quick depression of the brake pedal instantly re locked the brake. More hammering and the emergency procedure of isolating the caliper from the system by brutal use of a pair of mole grips on the hose! Bloody hell it actually worked (have actually used this trick before) and an hour later I was on the way again.

Fortunately, a great feature of American RVs is that the braking effort is heavily biased to the rear axle so actually other than a slight pull to the right on braking it all felt ok. While I was under the vehicle i also noticed a diesel drip. Yet another leak-off pipe was dripping; luckily I had one spare but they are clearly terrible quality as I have had to replace quite a few since fitting new ones 4 years ago.

So I arrived in Harwich in good time - just as well that I left home 2 hours early in case of issues. The Ferry was fab, I have to say Brittany Ferries, which I use a lot, need to learn a bit from Stena. The cabins were much better and it was just a nicer, more modern decor ship.

There were no difficulties coming through passport control and customs (other than they wanted to see the race event details) and I was pretty much set up in the paddock by 11:00am and scrutineered by 12:30 so I was then just waiting for Richard to turn up in the afternoon with his MGB and Stack to arrive via EasyJet and Schiphol airport in the evening.

Stack and me all ready to go at Zandvoort in 2024

Richard King's MGBGT being scrutineered - way quicker than the old Spitfire    

Practice Saturday morning Somewhat tentative because of the failure at Donington and the hope that the weird brake problem we had been having was finally resolved. I did 2 laps then a pit lane visit to check wheel nuts (on new hubs the studs draw into the hubs on the first few uses and make the nuts go loose), then another stop a few laps later to add more front brake bias. The circuit was much more technical than I remembered and also very steeply banked in places - it was surprisingly difficult to get to grips with it and even by the end of the practice session I wasn't too sure of the best lines. In the time between that session and the race I was lucky enough to meet a really helpful local guy who does a lot of track days here and was able to give me some great suggestions and insights. I knew I could go quicker but didn't want to take too much risk! I qualified 8th of the Triumph Competition cars and 18th overall, remembering it was 2 races combined into 1 grid so the other race which was slick-shod post historic sports and saloons was irrelevant to our results and as it was a 44 car start, there were a lot of cars on the grid!

Race 1 Saturday afternoon I had an awesome start and made up several places by Tarzanbocht, the first corner, but was immediately up against a mighty fast gang of very modified MGAs and MGBs driven by some very determined locals who know the track very well. I had a fabulous race for the next 10 laps and finally got into the lead but not by much and the pesky MGs were getting back in front under braking then I was able to pull away on the main straight. I eventually managed to open up a 4 second lead and left them to fight each other and won the Triumph Competition & HTGT race despite two virtual safety car periods in which I was lucky to maintain my gap and finished 6th overall. Clearly nobody understood the VSC rules as they are different from F1 so they were dropped for the next 2 races and replaced by Code 60 which means everyone must reduce speed to 60 kph and maintain the gap to the cars in front and behind (easier said than done and there was quite a lot of speed and rules interpretation and a variety of penalties in the later races)

Race 1 in-car is here

Race 1 results

Race 2 Sunday morning Another race win after a strange red flag incident mid race which nobody understood, a great battle with the Post Historic saloons (the guys in the other race that was running alongside ours) until their slick tyres won out. Probably the least interesting race but still really hard work and pretty close at the end. Post Script: The red flag was caused by excessive noise from the front running cars!

Race 2 in-car is here

Race 2 results

Race 3 Sunday morning A slightly tricky one as we had already won 2 races so decided not to put new tyres on the car although the rears were certainly looking very sub optimal, however for some reason the car suddenly lost grip half way through lap 1 and gently tipped me into a half spin. We have watch the video over and over and analysed the data and I think I just didn't have as much right rear grip as I had before; also the track was definitely more contaminated in places as well as it being quite a lot hotter. I did it again 3 laps later! What that did lead to was a great fun recovery drive back to 3rd which was then dropped to 4th after I was awarded a time penalty for excessive speed under the code 60 which happened at about 2/3 of the race. Hey ho, I wasn't worried as I already had two cheeky wins in the bag!

Later on I analysed the VBOX data and it showed I was pulling 15% more lateral G on that corner compared to the previous race and the break away is very sudden - unusually I made no specific driver input mistake. I did however hit Vmax in race 3 which was 142.9mph on the fastest part of the finish straight as you pass the control line.

The Tuscan on the grid for Zandvoort race 3 - notice how close it is to the town                       Photo: Martin Stackpoole

Race 3 results

I managed to get fastest lap of the weekend for our race series during the 3rd race click here to see it.

Official race reports and results click here

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