Wolfie's list of annoying and great things to do with cars!



Terrible stuff

Giving your car a name or calling it "she" - it's a manufactured object made out of metal and plastic etc., it's not a little human with a personality or life values

The Triumph Stag engine - what the heck?!  The car looks just about ok (apart from the silly T bar, the over long arse and being too tall like it has been jacked up) but that V8 was and still is a total disaster area

People driving around with just one headlight working (especially when the DRL or sidelight has also failed) - it's so dangerous, just get it fixed!  Halfords will do it for a few quid

Bike racks covering the rear number plate and rear lights

Drivers towing trailers/caravans in the 3rd lane of the motorway - it's not legal because it's dangerous

The Landrover Discovery with the asymmetric rear end - dreadful

The Ferrari Mondial and 400, oh and the Ferrari 308 GT4

The looks of the1985 - 1998 Ford Scorpio

Rubber bumper MGBs and Midgets

All post war Vauxhalls except the 4x4 Calibra and V8 Monaro

Retro fitted wire wheels, especially chrome ones, on 1960s and later cars

Most British saloon cars of the 50s, 60s and 70s - mostly rubbish then and still rubbish now

The rear end of a Jensen Interceptor; it's a truly horrible looking thing from behind

Retro fitted, wood rimmed steering wheels


Great stuff

Driving fast on a track

The Citroen 2CV - everything about it is brilliant and I don't even have one

The old and the modern Fiat 500 but NOT the modern 500L which is an abomination

The type 186 Fiat Multipla especially with the bug eyes - brilliant


Most Alfas (especially the 105 and Brera) and Lancias although I have never had any of them

The low drag E-Type Jaguar

The Jaguar XJR-15

The sound of a tuned straight 6 engine under power

The 1920s Bentley 4.5 Litre

Renault Alpine A110 (old and modern)

Porsche Cayman - they are all brilliant



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