Jon Wolfe's Performance Driving Coaching



Learn to be fast and safe in Wolfitt Racing BMW E46 330Ci track car at Jonathan Palmer's truly excellent Bedford Autodrome.

It's a great day out where you will learn through personal coaching how to get the best from yourself and the car whether it's on track days or in racing. If you have never been on a track before and just want to see if it's for you - this is your chance.

Jon is a highly experienced, multi-championship winning driver/engineer with a direct approach to driver performance coaching and mentoring. It all takes place at Bedford Autodrome in an officially organised track day; we meet there in the morning for breakfast and coffee to go through the details of what we want from the day and how the tutoring will work. You will end the day as as a much improved and knowledgeable performance driver, even if you are already a track day ace or race car driver. Remember it's also about having a nice day out!

If you're interested just give me a call or message on 07734 360963 or email me on



The Details

What is the car? It's a track-day prepared BMW E46 330Ci with proper FIA race seat and harness and is set up to teach you how to drive quickly and safely.

What will be covered? Car dynamics, race driving line, braking, acceleration, turn-in, dynamic weight transfer, gear selection etc etc. Basically as much as you can cope with in a day! We can talk anything you like about car preparation, setup and the psychology of performing at your best.

What does it cost? Basically there are three elements (1) The price of the track day with 2 drivers (you and me) - see  for availability of Bedford Autodrome and you book it through them at cost (2) my base fee which includes delivery of the car to the venue at 120 and (3) hire of the car which is 2.50 per track mile which includes wear & tear and fuel - a lap on the GT circuit is about 4.2 miles.  If we bin the car... well that's my risk!  You can budget on driving about 20 to 30 laps before you'll run out of concentration and capacity to learn. It takes most of the day.

What about refreshments and lunch? There is a small cafe at the pit lane where you can buy tea and coffee etc. and a proper canteen-style cafe where you can buy a really decent breakfast and lunch. There is space in the pit lane to safely leave a bag if you want to bring some snacks or a flask etc. I will also have a large tote box with some spares etc. to put things in.

Why Bedford Autodrome?  It's long, fast and safe; it has every type of corner you need and has an open pit lane policy so you go out and come in as we please.

Can I come with 2 drivers? Yes sure but it's best to speak to me about it so I understand more about the two drivers.

Can I bring my own car(s) instead of using yours?  Yes, you book the track day and it's just 150 for my time and expenses for the day, but you do need to have a passenger seat and accept the risks to your car.



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