4th overall and 3rd in class at Silverstone International

2018 Calendar and reports, click here

The spirit of classic car racing: click here (first few laps of 2018 CSCC Swinging Sixties Group 2 race from the rear view camera)

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Silverstone 2018; Aiming for second place on the grid?

Snetterton race start on YouTube, click here


I will be racing the Triumph GT6 in Pau (South of France) in May - can't wait to go! 

Some short videos from 2017

Spa 2017 crash...https://youtu.be/fFMVBLodpHY

Some kind sole's video of the Spa 2017 event....look at 6 minutes for my crash!...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjU0vhBIoYo

Swinging Sixties Thruxton 2017 race start...https://youtu.be/lUIcms9TVQo

Overtaking back markers Thruxton 2017 mid race...https://youtu.be/N4pMyljHqpo


Other videos

Oulton Park 2016 in 2 minutes  https://youtu.be/wAOv_W_E6Oo

First race from Circuit des Remparts https://youtu.be/XJCpjP5QSI4 and race 2 is https://youtu.be/qbROXw2nVX0

Donington blog from super-fan Mark Haggan  http://markhaggan.com/motor-racing/cscc-donington-event-2016/

Final two laps of Classic K at Donington 2016; me driving Dave's TVR Grantura https://youtu.be/7LwNVSa_xnE

Check out these from Thruxton 2016...https://youtu.be/_GwBCJ4S-uw  and   https://youtu.be/Z9QaUXVmSQo

Check this out from Spa 2016...https://youtu.be/bS_XXnz4Zx8


Do you need work undertaking on your everyday classic or specialist race or rally car?  Give me a call to discuss what I can do for you

Whether you take part in track days or racing, if you want to go faster, stop quicker or generally be more confident round a track give me a call; I can help you

Race and track day preparation - Classics and FIA appendix K
Classic car maintenance and improvement
Trackside support
Driver coaching
Vehicle collection and delivery

Specialist in design and fabrication where you need something unusual or need an unobtainable part to be modified, created or repaired

07734 360963     please do leave a message if necessary and I'll call you right back            jon.wolfe@btinternet.com



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