CCC Folds (and I'm not just talking about down the crease in the middle)

RIP CCC - It looks all but certain that CCC - that's Cars and Car Conversions magazine - has reached the finish line. It was the only intelligent and informed car tuning and performance magazine around in the late 70's when my interest in modified cars began and it totally eclipsed the contemporary 'Hot Car' and 'Street Machine'. CCC has been killed off by a changing market - there are simply insufficient readers to keep a serious performance magazine going when up against the truly awful lads' car mags which have more semi-naked women than cars and showcase how to fit a really loud stereo and fake plastic brake discs! Sorry, but a 1300 Vauxhall Corsa with a bolt-on front splitter and a baked bean can welded on the exhaust pipe not only looks shit, it actually is shit. And, if you want naked women just buy a porn mag, or is that too simple for their readers' undersized brains? This leaves just 2 decent competition and tuning magazines, In Gear and the newly released Retro Cars; I hope the latter can pick up on some of the subjects left by CCC's departure and not become too laddish.

I'm not saying CCC was perfect, it's not possible to please everyone but I for one am sorry it has gone. JW.