Spitfire Race Car

Based on a 1967 MkIII

Overall winner of the 1999 TSSC Race Championship

Driver/Owner - Jon Wolfe

Engine -

  • Uses standard iron block & head casting
  • Alloy front pulley sleeved with stainless steel
  • Head modified to take bigger inlet & exhaust valves with raised compression ratio
  • Twin Weber 45 DCOE carburettors with twin throttle cables
  • Kent 264 full race cam shaft
  • Indexed, balanced & tuftrided crank
  • High ratio roller rockers
  • Duplex, vernier cam chain set
  • Tubular steel push rods
  • Kendall 20/50 race oil with 16 row cooler
  • Custom built 4 into 1, full race exhaust system
  • Steel flywheel

Over 125 BHP at the tyres at 7600 rpm with maximum safe revs of 8,250 in 1997 spec.

Full rebuild with hours of flow testing and bench dyno runs for 1998 and 1999 spec. engines

Points to note

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