Triumph TR7V8
Race Car 2008 spec

Based on a 1976, Speke-built TR7 coupe

Driver/Owner - Jon Wolfe

Click here to see 2002/03 spec sheet

In the winter of 2003/2004 a fairly major rebuild of the car took place with the main changes being:

The car is built to comply with the rules of the MSA (Governing body of UK motor sport) and the TR Register. The car runs in Class F (renamed from Class G for 2003 onwards), for fully modified cars over 3.0 litres.

The main restrictions which applied were as follows: 

  1. Minimum weight at end of race is 1000kg including the driver

  2. Wheels should be no wider than 7" with a diameter of 13" and fitted with Yokohama tyres

  3. Engine size limited to 3950cc + small overbore

  4. Modifications to original bodywork shape are very limited

Racing TR7V8 Specification - 2008

  1. Late 4.0/4.6 cross-bolted block
  2. Modified 4.6 litre cylinder heads with race valves and springs
  3. Forged JE pistons and steel H-beam con rods
  4. Custom cut cam with solid lifters and Comp Cams push rods
  5. Titan roller rockers on custom rocker shafts and posts
  6. Pace/John Eales dry sump system with boot mounted oil tank and 16 row oil cooler
  7. All ARP bolts
  8. Jenvey quad downdraught injection on custom built intake manifolds.
  9. DTA P8Pro programmable ECU
  10. Bespoke 4-2-1 exhaust system silenced to about 104Db

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