1963 Lotus Elan GTS to 26R spec
2018/2019 project



The newest inhabitant at Team Wolfitt Racing; it's a 1963 Lotus Elan built to 26R specification and it'll be out in 2019
It needs a few jobs done (see below) to complete it and make it competitive in FIA Appendix K events

So what started out in Summer 2018 as a purchase of a ready-to-go Lotus Elan 26R has turned into a fairly sizable improvement plan for the car. The car had clearly been put together quite quickly and had been intended to be used as an historic rally car but because we are only interested in FIA racing, there was rather more to do on the car than had originally been expected.

The following work had to be undertaken to convert/revert the car to FIA Appendix K race spec.



Racing Lotus Elan specification - to come



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